Meeting, Incentive Travel, Conference/Convention, Exhibition/Event

We can arrange for large-scale company trip more than 1,000 people from hundreds of people.
Conference rooms, training facilities, banquet hall for gala dinner, and trophies for ceremony are also available.
We have many experiences for company travels.
Ex): East Asia,Southeast Asia of automobile-related companies, Machinery manufacturers, Banks and Insurance companies, Government organizations and Educational and Medical institutions.

< Arrangement of inspection tour and interviews in Japan >

By our own connection, we can arrange a tour of inspection to the Japanese companies, government agencies, research institutes and universities.

< Case >

  • Arrange a meeting of Government official of the educational institution from Thailand with Japan’s top level educational institutions “Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School”.
  • In the production of the TV program of Japan travel by Thai national television station “Channel 3”, we selected Japan’s cultural heritage, theme parks, etc., and cooperated with the coverage and the filming.
  • Introduce the industrial waste center of Osaka City to industrial waste trade association of Thailand. We booked facility inspection tours and meetings.


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